Choosing The Right Waste Type For Your Skip Bin

General Waste

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, choosing the right waste type is crucial. Different types of waste require different disposal methods and it’s important to ensure you’re selecting the correct waste type to avoid any potential legal or environmental issues.

The reason skip bin companies have different waste types is that the dumping fees will vary, in addition it is more environmentally friendly to dump by the correct waste type.

When deciding on your skip bin, assess the type and amount of waste you’re planning to dispose of before hiring. At Kiwi Skips, our waste types include general waste, green waste, heavy waste, clean concrete waste and 100% soil waste. 

General, green and heavy waste are the bins used by most residential customers, whilst clean concrete and 100% soil tend to be used more by commercial clients.

General Waste is always a good option because it gives the flexibility to put different types of waste into the skip bin, which is great for clean-ups or general demolition projects.

Next, consider the size of the skip bin you need. The cost of our skip bin hire can vary based on the waste type and size. The standard skip bin hire length is 7 days, and don’t forget it’s always possible to swap your full skip for a new empty one if you have more waste than anticipated. This does incur additional hire fees however, so it’s best to hire the right sized skip to begin with.

In summary, selecting the right waste type for your skip bin hire is essential for a cost efficient skip bin hire. Take the time to properly assess your waste and make an informed decision to ensure a stress-free and environmentally friendly process.