Hire A Skip Bin With A Door

Having a door on your skip bin can be very useful for your waste management project. The door allows you to be able to dump your waste into the skip without having to lift it high over the rails of the bin. If you have heavy waste, it can be a taxing on the body to be repeatedly lifting and throwing waste into the skip.

A skip bin door also allows for the option of tipping directly from wheelbarrow into the bin, saving time and hassle.

At Kiwi Skips, we have skip bins with and without doors. All skip bins from size 4 cubic metres and upwards have the option of a skip bin door. The only skip bin size that doesn’t have the option of a door is the 3 cubic metre, which is simply too small to have a door.

Our skip bins are available throughout most of South East Queensland including Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Logan and Northern Gold Coast areas.

We have added the ability to select a bin with a door in our online skip bin booking system, so you can easily and quickly select to have a door with your skip bin if you need one. Alternatively you can call our friendly customer service team to arrange for your skip bin to come with a door.