Where Can You Place A Skip Bin in Brisbane?

People often query where a skip bin can be placed. There are rules and regulations around skip bin placement for Brisbane residents.

Brisbane City Council has regulations that govern where bins can be placed. As a broad rule of thumb, a skip bin can be placed pretty much wherever you like within your own property.

Where it does become tricky is when placing a bin on a nature strip, pathway, roadside or easement. Generally speaking you will need a permit from Brisbane City Council to place a skip bin on public land as it may affect other people’s use of public property.

The best approach is to enquire with council prior to placing your skip bin. The team at Kiwi Skips have a good overall knowledge of where skip bins can and can’t be placed however you may be able to get special approval for a bin being placed in a restricted area.

In some instances, where space is tight, it may be unavoidable to place your skip on the road for example. Council may require you to place witches hats or other signs around the bin to ensure public safety.

The other concern with bin placement is around placing on a driveway. Whilst there are no regulations preventing this, it is worth being aware that there is a chance of cracking, scraping or general damage to your driveway. In particular if your driveway is tiled or paved there is a higher chance of damage.

It goes without saying that a skip bin truck is extremely heavy and in instances where it has to roll over your grass, you will find that the grass is damaged. Fortunately, grass is like hair…it will grow back eventually!